Crisis management, transnational healthcare challenges and opportunities : the intersection of COVID-19 pandemic and global mental health / Jaffar Abbas

The existing literature has paid insufficient attention to crisis management of global health challenges in the advent of epidemics and pandemics. This study articulates resilience importance and opportunities in the COVID-19 from crisis management challenges in essential ways. The second wave of the COVID-19 infectious disease's rapid global spread has developed a severe threat to global peace, which has posed global mental health and crisis management issues worldwide. Public health implementations' aggressive actions recommended a series of precautionary safety measures by the health specialists to suppress, sustain, and manage the local transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study explores adverse consequences of the COVID-19 on communities' behavioral and interventional changes that might specify transmission dynamics. This present study recommends two model strategies that help sustain the rapid transmission and COVID-19′s adverse impacts on mental health in the general population and patients needing treatment. This study proposes mitigation and suppression models in the absence of a vaccine to decrease and manage the healthcare systems' burdens of treating patients. This global health emergency has challenged the global healthcare systems worldwide, and Governments are struggling to upgrade the healthcare systems to provide the best possible healthcare facilities to the patients. The healthcare systems in Pakistan are undeveloped to manage this global health emergency efficiently. Scientists' have already initiated experimental trials worldwide to develop vaccines to treat this infectious disease; however, the proposed two models are useful in managing the health emergency in the present situation. This study discusses global healthcare challenges, crisis management, and two model interventional strategies that help minimize the COVID-19′s rapid spread with practical crisis management preventive measures to reduce burden on healthcare systems..

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Research in globalization - 3(2021) vom: Dez., Artikel-ID 100037, Seite 1-7




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